Christian Brogi on magazine PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK n.410

Christian Brogi #4 honored mention ad publishing on Photography Week n.410 Issue August 2020 –


Billed as the world’s greatest photo game, GuruShots is an online platform that provides a fun, structured way to showcase your images while gaining global exposure for your work.

By competing in epic challenges against millions of photographers, you can get instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes and increase your ranking from Newbie to achieve the ultimate status (and bragging rights) of Guru.

GuruShots‘ challenges are voted on by the platform’s Gurus and the wider community, and there’s a fresh challenge every day. Winners can receive prizes from GuruShots’ sponsors such as Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro and Lensbaby.

The ‘Your Magazine Shot’ challenge tasked photographers with putting forward an impactful, special shot that they’d been saving a special opportunity, with a focus on quality, composition, and execution. The 20 highest ranked images were published in Photography Week magazine,